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The Process
When your local council have emptied your wheelie bin, we will send one of our professional teams around to your address, we will then put your wheelie bin through one of our high tech turbo washing systems; it will be dried and then disinfected. We will also add one of our diamond stickers so in the future we can recognise your bin, then it will be returned back to your door, or any designated area. We then put one of our cards through your door giving you the next clean date; we will repeat this process every four weeks.
Our System
Since 1992, Diamond Clean have experimented with a number of different systems. We found that recycled water (even though filtered) still managed to smell towards the end of the day. We decided that this was not the way to go and after all, would you bath in the same water for a whole week?
Due to our experience we have managed to design our own unique duel fuel systems.
Our high tech bin washing machines are fully automated. Not only do they use a very high powered turbo jet washing system they also use a hot air turbo blow dry system. Most local companies use dirty (or soiled) water which is constantly being recycled under low water pressure to wash their bins, this means that they have to use soaps and detergents to detain the odour. Due to our systems using very high water pressure we have no need to use any harmful chemicals, we only use fresh water (good enough to drink!) on every bin, making our company 100% environmentally friendly. Any water that may be left is only fresh water that may drip from the outside of your bin.Then we add the finishing touch to your bin with an approved disinfectant (which is also pet friendly) this leaves a lovely fresh smell and stops the build up of any germs or harmful bacteria.
Waste Water
The waste water that has been produced by your bin is pumped back into a tank in the back of our vehicle and disposed of in an approved designated area.

Council Waste
Any waste that has been left in your bin will be properly bagged up, disinfected and placed back in your bin.